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A Day in the Life of a Youth Programs Coordinator

Pam has been serving as the Youth Programs Coordinator at Stillwater County Library since 2022. With decades of teaching under her belt and a heart for helping kids thrive, you can expect her programs to be both educational and FUN!

Pam’s work day begins at 8:30. Most days, she heads out to visit a preschool, elementary classroom, or homeschool group in either Park City, Nye, Fishtail, Absarokee, Rapleje, or Columbus by 9:00 am. If she is traveling outside of Columbus, a county vehicle is used to reach her destination. When arriving at a preschool, she spends 3 or 4 minutes getting hugs from her friends!  Four-year-olds are the best!  She reads a couple of stories, and then they do a craft.  Visits to elementary classes are very similar.  At some schools, she works with a whole class, and at others she work with small groups.  Most often, she includes a craft or activity that goes with the books she chose. 

When she is not out visiting kids, she is in the library. On Wednesdays at 10:00, she holds a story time for preschool to elementary-aged students. They hear some stories, then do a craft or activity. Also on Wednesdays at 3:45, she hosts Everything You’re Into (EYI) for 5th-8th graders. They play games, do art, play trivia, and do STEM activities.  New this year is a homework club on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 3:45 for students from elementary to high school who need a quiet place to work, or some support with their studies. 

The rest of Pam’s time is spent finding great books to share with kids, and planning activities to go along with the books. She is available for book recommendations and you can find her in the Children’s section of the library.

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